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RedPill founders James Jowsey & Phil Mansfield will mentor you through an intensive 12 month syllabus.

Learn methods to assess & analyse everyday or sporting movements people perform. Develop the ability to train each individual‘s body to be able to perform the task in a pain free optimum way.

RedPill training (Phil and James) have a strong history of success. They have coached World Champions to the pinnacle of their sporting career. But also work with athletes who simply want to improve. The RedPill Mentorship is your opportunity to learn directly from James and Phil via a combination of weekly assignments, practical assessments and shadowing in their own clinics. You will be guided through 12 months of hard / rewarding work.  

You will learn methods to analyse everyday or sporting movements people perform. Providing the information to specifically train each individual‘s body to be able to perform the task in a pain free optimum way. 

A high level of dedication to assignments and drive to be a great coach, trainer or therapist are essential.

The Mentorship programme is fully booked for 2018/19. We are accepting expressions of interest for 2019/20. 

Time Commitment

Length of programme – 12 months

5 -10 remote study hours per week

Weekly Compulsory Assignments

Monthly Performance Reviews based on assignment success

Modules / Live Days

The mentorship is structured through modules followed by 'live days' where you will meet James, Phil and others on the mentorship. The live days will provide you the opportunity to share and discuss topics while putting the knowledge gained through the module into practice.

Modules start with principles, thought processes and driven strategy.

RedPill Seminars

As a member of the RedPill Mentorship you can access the RedPill Seminars throughout the year.

RedPill Mentorship - The Benefits

Become a RedPill Graduate

o   RedPill Coaches Network

o   Increased earning potential

Opportunity to become a RedPill Approved Coach

o   Access to RedPill CPD (seminars, live days, RedPill conference)

o   Promotion as a RedPill approved coach



Application Process

A fitness or therapy industry qualification is a prerequisite for application.

Please submit a CV with a brief covering letter detailing why you would like to undertake the RedPill mentorship.


Dates 2018/19

Group 3

LIVE DAY 2: 14/15th January 2019

LIVE DAY 3: 29/30th April 2019

LIVE DAY 4: 5 -7/8th Sept 2019, United Kingdom,
Phil Mansfield, James Jowsey, Jemma Chambers

Group 4

LIVE DAY 1- 7/8th Feb 2019 Denmark
Phil Mansfield

LIVE DAY 2 -6/7th June 2019 Denmark
Phil Mansfield

LIVE DAY 3:1/2nd Oct 2019 United Kingdom
James Jowsey



Beyond RedPill Mentorship

YOu have completed your mentorship, what next?

Ongoing mentoring / coaching support 

As an extension of the mentorship all RedPill alumni will join a mentor group and receive a place at the annual RedPill Mentorship Summit.

We also have a number of options for continued mentoring.

  • £50 per month as above + 1 monthly alumni group call to discuss things as a group.

  • £100 per month as above + ability to continually go in and do practical shadowing of James Jowsey or Phil Mansfield + attendance of the twice yearly 1 day RedPill workshops

  • £200 per month as above + annual access to 1 RedPill seminar and repeat attendance of the live day.

  • £5000 New mentorship programme Sports Trainer or Manual Therapist as mentorship with weekly assignments and practical days etc


'Movement Assessment'

The ‘Movement Assessment’ Seminar will start you on the journey of becoming a REDPILL assessor. you will be challenged to assess athletic movement in 3 planes.

By the end of the 2 day seminar you will be able to perform a biomechanical assessment of an athlete and develop A PLAN TO INCREASE THEIR EFFICIENCY IN MOVEMENT AND THEREFORE PERFORMANCE. THIS CAN BE APPLIED TO ALL LEVELS OF ATHLETE.

What did I most enjoy?
The knowledge base & how transferable and useable that knowledge was.
— Paul Warrior

The next 'Movement Assessment' Seminar is on November 9th- 10th at CrossFit Antipolis

Day 1

Session led by Phil Mansfield


Welcome, outlines and objectives for the weekend.

0900 - 1100

Session led by Phil Mansfield


Introducing the principles of movement science

In this session Phil will walk you through basic movement assessments, why we do it, what’s to be gained from it and how to think and approach movement assessments

1100 - 1400

Session Led by James Jowsey



1100 - 1300
Introduction to assessment protocol. Assessment the RedPill way

In this session James will explain and demonstrate the Red Pill assessment card, a step by step introduction to the most comprehensive and applicable movement screening on the planet.

1300 - 1400

1400 - 1600

Session Led by James Jowsey

Practical assessment of the foot

It’s your turn, working in pairs you will now get the chance to have a go and assess each other under the watchful eye of the best in business.

1600 - 1700

Session Led by Phil Mansfield

Applying and integrating the Assessment findings in your programming

By now you will be starting to ask yourself, what do I do with this information?how do I apply it best? Phil starts to answer these questions in the first of two programming sessions. 


0830 – 1030

Session Led by James Jowsey

Practical assessment of the hips

An in-depth look at the hips. Covering mobility, strength, motor control and all the important aspects of a hip assessment. A session with lots of assessment practice. 

1030 – 1330

Session Led by James Jowsey




Practical assessment of the upper body and Back

By now you should be dialling your assessment eye in and starting to be able to find those important biomechanial differences. Time to complete a full body assessment of another member of the group.


Practical assessment of the sports and lifts


Another opportunity to perform a full body assessment of another member of the group with one very important added detail - This time we will ask the question, what’s your sport?

1330 – 1600


Session Led by James Jowsey

Applying and integrating the Assessment findings in your programming

RedPill have developed an easy to use program development system for getting the clients and athletes to move better and improve their performance. This session ties in all your findings and gives you the tools to go away and apply your new found assessment skills with you clients and athletes.


1600 – 1700


Session led by Phil Mansfield


The next 'Movement Assessment' Seminar is on March 2/3rd 2019, CrossFit JST, Wigan, UK.