Football Talk

Football Talk

An insight into rehab and s&c within a professional football club. James Jowesy and Phil Masfield sit down with Will Whitney and Shane Murphy to discuss their roles at Manchester City Football Club.

 Will and Shane have worked with RedPill’s Phil and Jowsey for over 18 months. They are employed by Manchester City Football Club.


Will Whitney works in rehab for City’s professional development department. U23 and U18’s. He manages the schedule of players on pitch rehab and gym sessions.

Shane Murphy is the lead sport scientist and S&C coach for Manchester City’s U23s.

He works with performance, fit players. His job involves working closely with coaches to establish a good physical foothold within sessions.

 5:00 We talk a lot about coach-athlete relationship. You have to work in a big team, how do you communicate? What’s the management structure?

8:00 Understanding how much training an athlete is allowed to do, who makes that call?

 10:40 What does acute vs chronic look like in football?

14.00 How much are you guys listened to? The coach’s intuition doesn’t always gel with sport science.

 17:00 What biomechanical data sets are you using?

20:00 Return to sport protocol. Is there something missing?

27:00 when you start to work for a football club, do you start support them?

32:00 the prevalence of injury in football seems to be higher than other sports, is that accurate? If so, why?

45:20 Can you take us through a typical week?

47:50 how do you manage multiple games per week? What’s the post-match recovery routine?

49:00 you guys are working with the next Harry Kane’s of the world. Are they already feeling that pressure? How do you help them process that?

49:45 are the educational systems in place to help players who don’t make it or get injured through the football to real life process?