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RedPill Psychology

The basic tools to tackle training and daily planning better. Get more from your training and find the balance between being hard on yourself and rewarding yourself.

Brain Training Course
10 Weeks

Course delegates will be asked to perform tasks based on detailed course content (videos). You are not obligated to contribute anything or any personal details or feelings. You are, by all means, welcome too but it is not a requirement. You will be asked to commit 30min every day to working with yourself as well as some time for short work tasks.Via a combination of instructional videos, uploaded work sheets, self reflection the course aims to help you understand why you make some of the decisions you make. Discover more about yourself and get more form the time you spend training.
The work helps hugely with nutritional adherence, training and competition preparedness.

Advanced Brain Training Course
£250 / month

(min 2 months)

The opportunity to work 121 with Phil Mansfield. A complete and total coaching pack with daily (Mon-Fri) contact. Phil guides and motivates you to make the difference in your daily life. Get everything from your day. Perfect and perform the best version of yourself. A journey that starts with self evaluation and understanding and ends in practical examples and physical tasks that do not try to change you but find the best you. Phil has 20 years of coaching experience and has been at the sharp end of performance across 7 different sports and multiple industry sectors. Described by his athletes as hard but fair Phil’s unique understanding of what it takes and how important getting each and every day spot on is to performance helps his clients to focus and find their best.There are limited spots available with Phil and places are by application only.