Why have a plan? Why write a program? What is behind my decisions? What are you trying to improve? What are you trying to develop?


0900 - 1100: 
Your training plan is about Skill acquisition




Each training session should have a purpose and be a part of something bigger. The start of this seminar is designed to help coaches understand their start point, collect information, assess your clients and find gaps in their skills. At the end of the session you will be able to conduct an interview where by you will be able to assess the skill sets missing from your client. Strength is a skill, lung capacity is a skill, anything that can be learned, taught or developed is a skill.

1115 - 1300: 
Athlete Types

1300 - 1400


Understanding thresholds across all sports and disciplines. What type of athlete are we dealing with? Energy system dominances, strength biases, flexibility issues, how to find the clients threshold for their sport, event or element of fitness. There are typically 3 types of athletes along a threshold continuum. Here we investigate how to evaluate the athlete in their own sport. At the end of the session you will be able to conduct an interview where by you will be able to assess the client’s threshold in their sport.

1400 - 1600:
What to program and when


Volume vs Intensity are not directly proportional. In this session, we will look at how much vs how often for the individual athletes and begin the process of blending skill acquisition with the athletes threshold type. This session will end with you writing a basic overview of a 6-month training plan.

We look at real life data and training flies from world class athletes, we look at how to decipher the data from sessions and how to use the analysis in future training planning.

1600 - 1700: 
Live data and data analysis

Basic make up and anatomy of cognitive function, in this session we take a look at strong vs weak, positive vs negative and put a new spin on their meaning and application. Your conscious vs Subconscious mind. Self-reflection and self-evaluation knowing our place.

Day 2 - 0900 - 1000:
Introduction to your mind

This session looks at cognitive strategies to help athletes gain momentum and feel great. In this session, we will look at the 3 F’s, how to win each day, and staying conscious in your day.

1000 - 1100:
Structure gives momentum in an athlete’s life

1100 - 1200:
Creating the environments and culture

Ego solar system, basing goal setting on your core values and prioritising the levels of you personal solar system of prioritise.

1200 - 1300: 
1300 - 1400:

The most important part of an athlete’s life is losing, we lose a lot more than win and we suffer more disappoints than highs. Understanding this, processing and facing up to what we can’t change and being you is crucial. In this session, you will practice the tools that help you and your athletes to process their everyday.

1400 - 1700:
Making a Plan


In this session, we look at habit change, creating new habits and making a development plan for your athletes. Understanding their level and ability whilst helping them to see their path forwards. This session ends with you writing a development plan for one of your athletes.