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Sessions Available:

  • RedPill Muscle Imbalance Assessment
  • SquatFit
  • Coaching Assessment

Steven Fawcett

My coaching career first started in 2006, coaching football and multi- sports to primary and secondary school children whilst studying for a Sports Coaching and development degree. After finding CrossFit in early 2011, this is what I turned all my attention into as a coach and as an athlete. I wanted to become the best athlete and coach I could be, which fuelled me to travel the world learning from many experts in weightlifting, endurance and gymnastics. After 7 years, my understanding of movement in sport and exercise has become my strong point. Analysing how exercises should be performed and how that differs from each individual is what has fascinated me. I believe there is an ideal technique or movement pattern and then separately an ideal technique or movement pattern for each individual. Being on the Red Pill Mentorship programme has helped me link what I have learnt in terms of technique and body position with the functionality of the human body.