All or Nothing

REDPILL don’t do guess work or coincidence.

You either win or lose, progress or regress.




RedPill Coaches

RedPill coaches are carefully selected graduates from the RedPill mentorship program, given a license to coach and work with athletes under the RedPill name. Personally mentored by both James and Phil, they provide you, the athlete, with multiple options for performance enhancement. Options range from pain management or consultancy based technical coaching, to hiring one of the best coaches in the business to look after all your training on a daily basis. Consults are available via our booking system. Simply find the coach local to you, find a time and product that suits your needs best and book in. If you would like to hire a performance coach, please select the coach you wish to work with and book a 45-min consultation. This is usually done over the phone and is for athletes looking for a coach that controls their training, nutrition, season planning etc…


How to choose which RedPill product is right for you


RedPill Products

RedPill coaches are skilled in performing assessments of your movement. Each assessment* will come with a 6 week, 100% bespoke, corrective programme for you to follow. We advise a follow up session once you have completed the 6 weeks.

*excludes Treatment and Coaching Assessment.