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RedPill Training Podcast

Season 2

RedPill Training Team Live Q&A

Phil Mansfield, James Jowsey and Jemma Chambers answer questions posed live by the RedPill Training Team.

Ash Grossman’s question:

In terms of programming how do you trade off the repetition required for progressive overload against practicing the randomness of competition in a CrossFit setting?

Paul Wools’ Question

How do you get Games athletes to relax, whether that’s in training or at the Games?

Cyril Grechi’s Question

With the CrossFit Open Just around the corner what would be your best advice for athletes to be as ready as they can mentally and physically with only a few weeks to go?

Steve Fawcett’s question

How does the Nordic curl fit into the functional continuum?

Ash Grossmann’s Question

I’d like to know more about your approach to testing your athletes. You hear a lot about testing a strength isn’t building a strength. You don’t want to max out too often because it’s not actually giving you the stimulus to get better – so how do you balance base lining and assessing improvement against actual training that’s improving performance in the long term?

Cyril Grechi’s question

We know you guys work with elite athletes quite a lot, but do you work with recreational or competitive athletes who like to compete on the weekend?

42:15 End

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