Which Weighs More? 200 Kilo Back Squat or 400 kilo Leg Press?

Phil Mansfield and James Jowsey discuss strength training. This is for coaches and athletes struggling to increase their numbers even though they are putting in the work and time during strength training.

If you’re not getting the return on investment for time invested, then we need to look at why. 


There’s not necessarily much difference in strength cycles – just the way they are sold. People would like you to believe the way they write 4x8 is different to mine but it’s not. 

 Most strength cycles have similar aspects. The critical features are the same. The neurological stimulus they are going after are very similar.

The biggest issue with strength training is how we measure it. How many kilos of weight does athlete move from point a from point b not how much force, there is an incredible difference between the two.  

 You are actually moving more weight during a 200-kilo squat than you are a 400-kilo leg press because of where they weight is in relation to the centre of mass. 

Coaches are scared to make a decision. They want to be told what to do. What do I do in this situation?

The manager of the football team ultimately has to decide what tactics. He has to understand the players etc to make that decision. 

 In the CrossFit world we have to understand the athlete to allow us to make the right decision. Understand their body, energy systems, joints etc..

How do you know? Do you need a strength cycle or help with positioning?