There Is No Magic In Hard Work - James Jowsey

There is no magic in hard work. Maria and I had completed a session back in August 2016 with improvement only in daily pain levels but without it transferring over to training. So in January we started full time programming, and literally rebuilt her. What's great about this video is the heaviest weight she has lifted in the last 5 months is 40kg and before that anything above 25kg caused her pain. 107.5 kg on the bar (-5kg from lifetime max) and the heaviest bar she has lifted in 2 years. A body that functions better performs better #overloadwithoutload. Great work Maria De Lamerens

#tbt to yesterday when I put some weight on the bar! If you know anything about my training for the past 2-ish years, you'll understand why this is such a big damn deal. Massive thanks to James Jowsey for his mind-boggling wizardry