Weightlifting Belts - To use or Not to use ?

Weightlifting belts – what do they do? Why use them? In today's RedPill Training Pod Jemma, Phil and Jowsey take a look at the science behind the use of weightlifting belts.

"I can lift more weight when I have the weightlifting belt on, but why? and does that mean I should wear one?" Phil Mansfield

"Get your body good at the task first before you rely on extra equipment." James Jowsey

"It’s reasonable to think about a weightlifting belt for a one rep max but if you’re looking to use the belt further down that spectrum for like your 10 reps or your training, I can’t see that there’s a benefit… in my opinion, if you need it for training then I don’t think your training is correct." Jemma Chambers

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