Doping In Sport

Doping in Sport

We delve into the RedPill Podcast library for today's pod. Jowsey and Phil recorded this episode in December 2017 - the topic is still very much newsworthy. 

Phil discusses his experiences in cycling, which he believes is an increasingly clean sport. The testing processes in cycling catch offenders - can other sports learn from what they do?

Jowsey and Phil pull no punches in this podcast - they discuss their opinions on the topic. "Lets call it what it is - cheating." But Jowsey has no time for falsely accusing an athlete who is just better than you...

Calling people out for doping because they are out in front? I tell you what, “When you eat like him, sleep like him, train like him – do everything that he’s doing… dedicating the time to moving well, looking after your body… all those little, small, intricacies of performance – when you’re doing all of that, then, maybe, maybe, put the question out there….

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