CrossFit The Shake Up

Phil Mansfield, James Jowsey and Jemma Chambers discuss the recent changes to the CrossFit season and qualifying structure to the CrossFit Games. They draw on personal experiences to reflect on the impact the changes have on their roles as coaches and the benefits and pressures on their athletes.

Impact of The Shake Up

Jowsey, Phil and Jemma discuss the consequences of the CrossFit season changes. Looking at who will benefit from the introduction of CrossFit sanctional events and who may be, unintentionally, negatively influenced.

0- 8mins

The Open 2019 - How have things changed?

How will the CrossFit Open be effected by the changes? Top 1 from each country and top 20 worldwide, the team argue the Open has more importance this year than ever before.


CrossFit Sanctionals - The events, their impact on the season, and what it means to programming

CrossFit sanctionals - how do they stack up to the old style Regionals? As a coach, how does the format of the new season impact you're programming? Can you be strategic in your choice of sanctional event to attend?


The Shake Up - What it means for doping procedures

Phil Mansfield draws on his experience in cycling to make comparisons to the CrossFit doping procedures.

“I have huge amount of respect for how difficult the job is.

Have they got the balance right in its current format? My instinct is not quite. There’s work to be done but it might just be an evolutionary progress and it’s a new system. The experiences I’ve had of the doping policy, so far, coming from a very strict cycling background. You finish a race and you get a body guard, essentially, stand next to you until you have peed in the cup, given blood etc, etc and we are not quite there yet.”


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