Under the skin of Sam Briggs

Under the skin of Sam Briggs

An honest and frank discussion with the humble and immensely likeable Sam Briggs.

Phil Mansfield sits down with Sam to discuss what makes her tick. What does it take to be a professional CrossFit athlete? Who does she look up to? Who is in her fantasy CrossFit team? Get to know Sam a little better and take a listen.


Why do you get up and do it every day, mate?

How critical are you of yourself after training. Do you analyse what you’ve done or haven’t done? Do you let go quite quickly?

How much preparation goes into your training environment? Training in a group, in warm weather, travelling … listening to you, you place huge importance in being in a group, not training alone, not being cold. Do you travel after? You’ve just been to Dubai and had some sessions there, is that worth doing for you?

Moving on slightly. On our last podcast we talked about the new system in CrossFit and sanctionals and the whole system and would that potentially create a divide between those that earn the prize money and live professionally as versus those who are working. Putting that aside and talking about CrossFit as it has been rather than the new format, how difficult is it for athletes coming through to try and live professionally and compete against people who are doing this full time and who have sponsorships?

What’s the difference between that (professional / amateur)? Just personal opinion, how much being able to sleep and rest between sessions, and relax versus working, difficult to put a percentage on it but is it the difference?

On that recovery note… and moving onto training… how do you stop; how do you manage that process and that drive to always want to do more?

So, you don’t ever have that (injuries) in the back of your mind, you’re able to block it out and go hard. As you get slightly older does it play more on your mind or are you as fearless as you were at 19 /20?

How many hours out of your week are you using for injury prevention or prehabilitation?

How many hours a day are you using on training with logistical work etc..

What does a typical day look like?

What does Sam Briggs say to 19-year-old Sam Briggs now?

Where are you in 10 years’ time?

Will we ever see Sam Briggs the coach?

I would like a life example and an inter sport example who are your role models?

You’ve got a bet… and you need to win CrossFit games as a team, what’s your team?
Pick two teams actually… one’s I’m going to win and one’s I’m going to have the most fun. 

Which athlete do you know can positively fire you up? Jowes has programmed you a day from hell and it’s a huge work and you need someone by you … do you have a training partner? Does it depend on the type of work out? Do you have someone next to you? Is it better with a male, not so competitive as a female?

You like a practical joke don’t you? Do you have any good stories? good practical joke, CrossFit stories?