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How do you understand your athlete? How much is too much?

RedPill Podcast Listener Question:

‘How do you get to understand your athlete? How much is too much? how much is not enough? Both In terms of weekly volume, level of fatigue, optimal performance for the athlete.’

Phil: “That is the game, everything stems from this question.”

Jowsey: “Unlike the science of gravity - when we drop something out of our hand 100% of the time it will hit the floor, when it comes to a training response, the bodies adaptation to sport and demand, in all studies we read, across the different parameters from injuries to performance, we don’t see 100 out of 100, we don’t see 100%.”

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Under the skin of Sam Briggs

An honest and frank discussion with the humble and immensely likeable Sam Briggs.

Phil Mansfield sits down with Sam to discuss what makes her tick. What does it take to be a professional CrossFit athlete? Who does she look up to? Who is in her fantasy CrossFit team? Get to know Sam a little better and take a listen.

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